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TI PhD alumnus Geert Mesters (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) and fellow Rogier Quaedvlieg (Erasmus University Rotterdam) have been awarded the Arnold Zellner Thesis Award in Econometrics and Statistics.

Arnold Zellner (January 2, – August 11, ) was an American economist and statistician specializing in the fields of Bayesian probability and econometrics. Zellner contributed pioneering work in the field of Bayesian analysis and econometric for: Bayesian analysis, g-prior, Seemingly unrelated regressions.

The Zellner thesis award and associated cash prize of $ is given annually for the best PhD thesis dealing with an applied problem in Business and Economic Statistics.

It is intended to recognize outstanding work by promising young researchers in the field. About articles, of which: About full-length scientific pieces, of which 17 were co-authored; 57 of the self-authored pieces were refereed, 45 were invited (in edited volumes, for example). About articles, of which: About full-length scientific pieces, of which 17 were co-authored; 57 of the self-authored pieces were refereed, 45 were invited (in edited volumes, for example).

Arnold Zellner Arnold zellner thesis award
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