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Report of a new begomovirus on melon in Iran

Begomovirus (family-Geminiviridae) infects a wide range of commercial crops like tomato, bean, cassava, cotton, cucurbits and skayra.comcation of begomoviruses from the infected plants, in particular from vegetable crops remains challenging.

The conventional process of begomovirus purification requires sophisticated instruments.

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Members of Genus Begomovirus. Results As it is, this thesis presents the first research study on major leaf curl and mosaic virus diseases incidence, distribution, and characteristics in Uganda.

Natural occurrence of a begomovirus on Pigeonpea in India

To the best of our knowledge, this report is the first of any begomovirus infection in C. crepidioides in India and the first on AEV infecting C. crepidioides worldwide. Biography Renuka Sharma is pursuing Ph.D from Amity university. The CRISPR/Cas9 system is an efficient genome-editing platform for diverse eukaryotic species, including plants.


Recent work harnessed CRISPR/Cas9 technology to engineer resistance to geminiviruses. Here, we discuss opportunities, emerging developments, and potential pitfalls for using this technology to engineer resistance against single and multiple geminivirus infections in plants.

Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan.; family Fabaceae) is an important pulse crop in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar for dietary protein disease occurs in most pigeonpea-growing areas at a low incidence.

Symptoms of the disease consist of yellow mosaic, mottling, shortening of leaves and stunting. Begomovirus thesis.

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Begomoviruses are abundant and worldwide in occurrence that cause economically important diseases begomovirus thesis not only in a Modern essays english ba vast range of crop essay effect of global warming plants but opinionative essay .

Begomovirus thesis
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