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Karen Owen's Duke Sex-Rating PowerPoint Goes Viral (VIDEO)

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Duke University alumni Karen Owen's sex list is internet sensation

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The Duke University faux sex thesis controversy arose from a private page Powerpoint document written by a Duke University senior, Karen Owen, in the format of a thesis about her sexual experiences during her time attending the university.

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Oct 07,  · A Duke student's risque PowerPoint has firmly implanted itself in the annals of legendary internet stories for generations to come. Karen F. Owen, a. The Duke University faux sex thesis controversy arose from a private page Powerpoint document written by a Duke University senior, Karen Owen, in the format of a thesis about her sexual experiences during her time attending the university.

David Duke knew he had some friends in the audience. He was at the Bellemont Hotel in Baton Rouge last week speaking to the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, one of the few trade. Sep 30,  · My alma mater has a habit of getting into the news, especially for stories that involve Duke athletes and sex.

The latest story is jaw-dropping even for the Blue Devils. Karen Owen, a

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