Gatech graduate thesis office

Graduate Thesis Deadline

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The M.S. Thesis Process and Presentation

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The lights are funded by the Amelio Endowment and the Key Fund.

The M.S. Thesis Process and Presentation

Graduate Course Option Enrollment Requirements Program of Study Master's Thesis Requirements for the Award of the Master's Degree. Graduate Course Option. Students completing both a bachelor’s and master’s in the same discipline at Georgia Tech may use up to six credit hours of graduate-level coursework in the major discipline for both.

Bring a copy of your thesis/dissertation to the Office of Graduate Studies, or email a PDF of it to [email protected] to have the format checked.

Graduate Thesis Deadline

(Only final copies of documents should be submitted to the electronic thesis and dissertations website.). Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) is a technology-focused college in Atlanta, Ga, and one of the top research universities in the USA.

Requirements for the Master's Degree

You will be redirected to the secure GT login page. User login. You will be redirected to the secure GT login page. × × ×. The ECE Graduate Affairs Office is informed of the advisor selection by the submission of the signed “Select M.S.

Thesis Advisor” form. Only after the submission of the form can the student register for ECE (M.S.

Requirements for the Doctoral Degree

Thesis Research) under the selected advisor. You will be redirected to the secure GT login page. User login. You will be redirected to the secure GT login page. × × ×.

Gatech graduate thesis office
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