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Guidelines for Writing a Thesis

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Gotz and Bieg found that, despite similar anxiety in real-life situations dealing with math, girls reported more general anxiety toward math than boys reported.

Cognitive Aspects of Sex-Role Development, a medical thesis developed by Dr. Carter Bruce. Research Overview: Female Interest in Mathematics By Catherine T.

Amelink Virginia Tech I. Introduction Despite comparable performance by women and men in a variety of math subjects such as algebra and geometry (Else-Quest, Hyde, & Linn, ). Graduate Theses and Dissertations Iowa State University Capstones, Theses and Dissertations STEM Development: A Study of 6thth Grade Girls' Interest and Confidence in Mathematics andCited by: 3.

Factors Impacting Women's Participation in STEM Fields Lila Carly Gilbreath [email protected] This thesis analyzes the way the media, stereotype threat, education, and the work environment impact women in STEM, and it concludes with some ideas for the future.

toys, the message is the same: girls are bad at math. These messages are Author: Lila Carly Gilbreath. They deny their intelligence.

Math + teens + practice = a winning competition

31% of girls in elementary school say they are good at math. In middle school that number drops to 18%. The greatest drop occurs among the brightest girls.

Girls and science: why the gender gap exists and what to do about it Girls math thesis
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