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free essays, literary analysis, research papers and term papers. Thesis for "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac In "On the Road," Kerouac uses changing syntax and the moral downfall of Dean Moriarty to show that there was a negative side to the "beat" generation that he is credited with representing positively.

Importance of Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road Essay Words | 13 Pages Importance of Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road It is Dean Moriarty, in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, who represents the eternal flame of youth that was adopted by the rebellious youth culture of.

Kerouac’s Big Sur. The film and soundtrack deal with Big Sur, a novel that details the realities of Kerouac’s life after the success of On the Road, along with the struggles of persistent alcoholism, disenchantment and unwelcomed fame.

Jack kerouac thesis
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