Miad senior thesis exhibition

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MIAD Senior Exhibition 2017

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Review: MIAD Senior Thesis Exhibit

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Senior Students on Display @ MIAD

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In The Flesh | MIAD Senior Thesis Exhibition, Milwaukee, WI | April Poetry of Skin Photography Series and Adipocytes #2 Light-box painting installation.

FURTHERANCE Exhibition at MIAD, Milwaukee, WI | DecemberPhotography Series: Finding Comfort In Discomfort. Reminder: Try to visit the MIAD Senior Thesis Exhibition this week! April Preview night (4PM-8PM) April Gallery Night (5PM-9PM) 2 replies 2 retweets 11 likesFollowing: More than student artists & designers come together to present their impressive culminating work in the MIAD Senior Exhibition – Wisconsin’s largest exhibition of its kind.

Senior project from juried exhibition chosen for permanent display at MIAD Senior Thesis Jurors. August Dean's List Graduate MIAD. May Title: Freelance Industrial & Graphic.

Over of Milwaukee’s emerging artists and designers exhibit their work in MIAD’s Senior Exhibition. Students seek to provide solutions to complex problems, creating innovative projects that illustrate the power of art and design.

Three students received the Alumni Thesis Exhibition Scholarship: Aaron Rourke (Industrial Design. Apr 26,  · The MIAD Senior Exhibition features the art and design work of students in six majors. The video shows students installing their work and talking about their senior thesis projects.

Miad senior thesis exhibition
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