Phd thesis on patch antenna

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Wideband reconfigurable antennas

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Thesis on metamaterials. Phd thesis on metamaterials

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Abstract. The goal of this thesis is to design and analysis the Microstrip Patch Antenna which covers the Ultra Wide Band to GHz. This thesis covers study of. The thesis is concluded in chapter 5 by summarising the results and presenting some exciting possibilities that these exotic materials open for future applications in the field of antenna applications.

GHz band that achieves a physically compact, planar profile, sufficient impedance bandwidth, high radiation antenna thesis and near omnidirectional radiation pattern. Microstrip parasitic patch antennas with stripline feed for millimeter wave. In this thesis two techniques were investigated to control both radiation pattern and AR of an L5 antenna.

PhD Project in Antenna | Antenna Based Project

To control the radiation pattern a four-fed circular patch antenna was modeled and simulated using a high-fidelity computational electromagnetic model (CEM). Design Simulation and Performance Analysis of Microstrip Patch Array Antenna using HFSS SUBMITTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION.

addition, to continue the theme of multi-band components, negative-refractive-index transmission lines are used to create a dual-band circularly polarized transparent patch antenna and a two-element wideband decoupled meander antenna system.

Phd thesis on patch antenna
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