Reflectarray antenna thesis

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Design and analysis of a microstrip reflectarray

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Principle of folded reflectarray antenna In this thesis, the reflectarray antenna diameters are always mm and mm.

The printed reflectarray antenna still is characterized by its large antenna depth. Moreover, it has nearly the same depth as the parabolic antenna. In addition, the position of the. Therefore, two attractive antenna concepts are studied here, namely micromachined Fabry-Perot (FP) cavity antennas and folded reflectarray antennas.

In this thesis works, we have designed a novel configuration of micromachined FP cavity antennas using silicon membrane and bulk micromachining techniques in W band. Electromagnetic Modeling of Reflectarray Antennas,Electricity, magnetism, optics, Future antenna architectures especially for space applications are becoming more and more complex due to the need of Electronic Reconfigurability.

a new antenna pattern retrieval method is proposed. In this method, the antenna reflection coefficient is measured many times when a unique reflective load with known spatial reflection properties is placed near the antenna in each measurement. The antenna pattern is obtained from the measurements with an inversion algorithm.

iii Approval of the Thesis: EFFICIENT NUMERICAL ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF REFLECTARRAY ANTENNAS submitted by ERDİNÇ ERÇİL in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the.

Reflectarray antenna thesis
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"Conformal Inkjet Printed Antennas for Small Spacecraft" by Muhammadeziz Tursunniyaz