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Regulations and University Policy

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If you do not national this date, please see your supervisor. Two examiners are normally associated. If you do not give this date, please consult your thesis.

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An optional plate notice with date can be connected in the footer — just remember to write it off before submitting!.

Research examinations

The procedure for submitting your thesis as follows: The student completes the GSO3 form (click on the 'Examination of research degrees' tab at the top of the page). Discuss suitable internal and external examiners with your supervisor before completing the GSO3 form, getting it signed by all.

In the case of experiment‑based research projects, you should normally allow up to six months to write a DPhil thesis, or three to four months for a corresponding MSc by Research thesis. Consider attending available skills training courses, for example Thesis and Report Writing.

Oxford Learning Institute University of Oxford Research Supervision @ Oxford Submitting the thesis and e-thesis Extracts from the Examination Regulations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy 4.

The candidate shall also submit for examination, at such time and in such format as the Education Committee shall by regulation permit: 1. I found no \citation commands—while reading file I found no \bibdata command—while reading file I found no \bibstyle command—while reading file and all the citations are undefined.

Not sure what’s going on here. Submitting your thesis Completed theses must be delivered to the Submissions Desk, Examination Schools, High Street. Two printed copies of the thesis (soft-bound), incorporating two printed copies of an abstract, not normally more than words, must be.

This page outlines the final date by which your thesis should be submitted, Home Oxford students Academic matters Study guidance Graduate Research degree stages Submission date and extension of time. Extension of time: DPhil students.

Research examinations Submitting dphil thesis oxford
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