The anti-secularization thesis

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Talal Asad, Reasons of the Secular:. God is Dead: Secularization in the West 1st Edition. "This book is exactly what the back cover claims: a robustdefense of the secularization thesis The writing and thepresentation are both concise and clear, offering a resource thatstudents will cherish." The anti Reviews: 4.

The thesis of the re-signification of the Church is to be found not only in the three articles mentioned above. it is obvious that the anti-secularization perspective is not to be proven only.

Book review/European Journal of Science and Theology 10 (), 4, Abstract. In the Western world the voices calling for a secular society have grown ever louder over the last three centuries.

Book Review: “The Benedict Option”

In addition to these normative advocates, various social scientists have propounded the "secularization thesis"; after analysing history from a purportedly positive view, they have argued that "modernization" leads to a secular society.

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For the anti-secularization – or ‘sacralization’ – theorists, this flourishing of novel religiosity gives the lie to the thesis; while for pro-secularization theorists, such movements fall far short of making up for the decline of mainstream churches and denominations.

Those in the anti-secularization camp argued for a different reading. Using varied approaches, work by Michael Gauvreau, Nancy Christie, John Webster Grant, Phyllis Airhart, Brian Fraser, and myself documented the evangelical nature and persistence of Protestantism in late Victorian Canada.

The anti-secularization thesis
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