Thesis charles beard concerning constitution

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Beard, Charles A

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Charles A. Beard

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Discuss Beard's arguments in Framing the Constitution.

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Excerpted from Charles Beard's "Framing the Constitution," in Peter Woll, ed., it has been exposed to frequent and intricate questions concerning the validity of its powers; and has in some instances given birth to the enormous doctrine of a right of legislative repeal.

Owing its ratification to the law of a state, it has been contended.


This thesis deals with the role of property in the formation of the American Constitution and government. Charles Beard's views on property are compared with writings from the eighteenth century. Beard's writings on property and his critics are examined in the first two chapters.

Then, the thesis's two historical contexts are evaluated. Charles Beard's thesis on the Founding Fathers and the creation of the Constitution was that the Constitution was not written to benefit the founding Fathers personally, but to benefit the groups they represented - manufacturers, moneylenders, land speculators, slave owners, and bondholders.

Discuss Beard's arguments in Framing the Constitution.

Charles A. Beard in An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States () and Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy () extended Author: Charles A. Beard. On Charles Beards Constitution Robert E. Brown, Charles Beard and the Constitution (New York: W.W. Norton and Company, ) 13, Beard cannot turn to the Constitution itself to support his thesis; no economic class is empowered by the Constitution, no property.

Thesis charles beard concerning constitution
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