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Piston ring design for reduced friction in modern internal combustion engines

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Design and Analysis Of IC Engine Piston Using Catia-Ansys Software

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Distribution Of Friction Losses In I.C. Engine. Friction is the force of resistance to sliding or rolling motion on a flat surface.

Different types of friction defined as ploughing friction and rolling friction.

Piston ring design for reduced friction in modern internal combustion engines

Thesis Directed By: Assistant Professor Christopher P. Cadou Figure 2: Efficiency vs. engine size for a range of piston IC engines. Figure from reference 2. Figure 3: Typical shape of power, torque characteristics of a conventional size 2/4 - stroke engine.

Master’s Thesis Potential Future Engine Cycles for Improved Thermal E ciency Analysis of Various Internal Waste Heat Recovery Cycles with Minimal Deviation. MASTER OF ENGINEERING THESIS MODELLING A NOVEL ORBITAL IC ENGINE TO AID FURTHER DESIGN By Lindsay Muir BE (Hons) IC Engine Modelling Figure 57 – Piston Stroke Trajectories relative to.

(IC) engine, also known as the Nu Stroke engine, has been developed. The thesis focuses on the design and analysis of this particular engine using ANSYS CFX, a commercial CFD tool.

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