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How to Brand Nations, Cities and Destinations: A Planning Book for Place Branding [T. Moilanen, S. Rainisto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Usually, a country brand is not focused, resulting in unsuccessful place branding. It is possible to successfully raise your national identity to the level of an attractive brand. Welcome to the content home page of Destination Think!

Millennial Effects on Tourism and Branding in Rural Destinations

Find articles, strategic insight and news about the destination marketing industry here. Destination image and its effects on marketing and branding a tourist destination.

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A case study about the Austrian National Tourist Office - with a focus on the market Sweden. Master in Tourism Destination Management dissertation by TDM student Laura van Meer (September, ). As competition between destinations is increasing, differentiation becomes more important.

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Destination branding is the process of developing a unique identity or personality for a tourist (or investment) destination, and communicating the same to visitors (or prospective investors) using a name, a tagline, a symbol, a design or a combination of these to create a positive image [75].

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