University of toronto thesis defense

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Thesis Defense University Of Toronto

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An alternate option is available through the U of T Bookstore: contact Book Pod if you would like a print copy of your thesis. You are also free to choose another printing company.

You are also free to choose another printing company. Ensure that the thesis follows the format indicated by the University of Toronto and the National Library.

Distribute the thesis to all defense committee members at least four weeks for MSc (six weeks for PhD) prior to the defense.

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An alternate option is available through the U of T Bookstore: contact Book Pod if you would like a print copy of your thesis. You are also free to choose another printing company. You are also free to choose another printing company.

Program of study for MI thesis option. Research protocols must be approved by the University of Toronto’s Social Sciences & Humanities Review Committee– Human Research Area, if human subjects are involved.

The student and the supervisory committee should be entering the final stages leading to the defense.

No thesis. Thesis Defense and Examination Guidelines. There are several types of formal oral examinations for IMS graduate students. Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto Medical Sciences Building 1 King’s College Circle, Room Toronto, ON M5S 1A8 Phone: Map & Directions.

The defense of the dissertation will take place in two stages: first, a Departmental defense, second, a formal defense (the Final Oral Examination) before a University committee according to procedures established by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

University of toronto thesis defense
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