Utk thesis approval sheet

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Ph.D. Program - Experimental Psychology

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Electronic Theses & Dissertations

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Thesis submission procedure for UT/CS grad students. the approval sheet is the only hard copy sheet of paper they submit. Resources.

Thesis submission procedure for UT/CS grad students

UTK Thesis and Dissertation web page. Latex Thesis Template 1 (provided by David Guo; meets requirements for and earlier).

A Thesis Topic Approval Form must be submitted and accepted by the student's advisor before the student first registers for Thesis (MUSC ). This form asks the student to specify the general topic area of the thesis, justification of need for research in this topic area, the research procedure, and a preliminary bibliography.

A completed Approval of Predissertation Research form, as well as one copy of the manuscript, must be placed on file with the Graduate Programs Coordinator.

For students entering with a Master's degree, the MA thesis may. Each copy must include an approval sheet, signed by the members of the Master's committee, certifying that they have examined the final copy of the thesis and judged it to be satisfactory. Two additional copies are required by the department for use as future reference documents.

The Doctoral Dissertation Agreement Form, Survey of Earned Doctorates, and Abstract form are also submitted when the final copy and approval sheet are submitted. Students should check with the department head concerning. If thesis or PhD candidate, submit Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form (with original signatures on paper form to the Graduate School) and submit an approved and accepted thesis or dissertation to TRACE by the deadline.

Utk thesis approval sheet
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